One Belief believes that social and emotional curriculum learning in the school system is so very vital for each student's success.  Knowledge is power and our focus is educating and developing personally so they can truly thrive academically!  Each curriculum course has been designed to bring awareness the the issues that challenges students most.  

Emotional Intelligence = Personal & Professional Success


Our SEL curriculum was curated to provide students with the accessibility and tools needed to build a foundation for being successful both personally, and academically which leads to future and professional success.

Each lesson of youth personal development is to facilitate students learning of mental health awareness and knowing the signs, promoting self-awareness and self-care, managing their emotions, and resolving conflict that doesn't resort to violence, goal setting and decision making.

These are lifelong skills they will possess that will make them better students and well-rounded individuals. Our Social emotional learning curriculum focuses on self awareness, conflict resolution, positivity, mental health awareness and more!

When you invest in students social and emotional learning you are investing in their future. You are helping raising up the next generation to be more emotionally intelligent.

Mental Health Awareness
Negative Self-Talk
Conflict Resolution
Prioritizing Self-Care
Toxic Relationships
Teen Dating Violence
How-to Love Yourself
Setting Goals
Alcohol, Drug + Vaping Prevention
Youth Suicide Awareness
Sexual Harassment
Digital Citizenship

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high school

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Overview: Identify what negative self-talk is; how it effects students; how to cope

Identify what conflict resolution is; what is the impact; learn how to practice conflict resolution

Identify what self-care is; identify the myths and truths; learn the importance of self-care

Identify what a toxic relationship is and what the signs are to prevent situations; set up boundries

Identify what teen dating is; identify what the red flags are when dating; learn about teen dating violence

Identify the importance of loving yourself; evaluate questions about self-love; manage emotions

Identify the definition of suicide; identify common disorders that lead to suicide; learn how to seek help

Identify what sexual harassment is; define the types; learn what to do when encountering sexual harassment

Identify the definition of digital citizenship; define three types of internet access; learn how to be digitally responsible

Identify what setting goals is; learn how to identify realistic goals; learn to identify smart goals

Identify what bulling is; define the signs; learn what to do when someone or if it's you being bullied

Identify the definition of teen vices; discuss reasons why teens resort to alcohol, drugs and vaping

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I had the opportunity to attend One Belief mental health awareness dinner and it was amazing. The keynote speaker was very informative and offered great feedback. I look forward to attending future events and supporting One Belief.

lacoma m.

This organization has such a huge heart with an incredible group of people who are on a difficult mission to address. The seminar in Phoenix was enlightening and the interaction with those from the organization and the attendees was inspirational! I would love to see more people get involved and spread the message!

cindy c.

big success

I am happy to have worked with One Belief on multiple occasions! They are literally the best thing smoking regarding support, information, and the mental health organizations. I have personally witnessed lives change from their work. My children have volunteered for their events in the summer which each time they always leave with a message that they can teach their friends as well as new ways to overcome conflict. My family and I look forward to continuing our work with the organization and founder, Tashina.

asheka j.

Five Stars!


Kind Words + Grateful Hearts


The keynote was very informative and offered great feedback. I look forward to attending future events!

lacoma m.

Five stars!

This organization has such a huge heart with an incredible group of people who are on a difficult mission to address. 

cindy c.


real life stories FOR real people. LET'S stay connected + navigate mental health together!

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