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10 Things On How You Can Promote Mental Health Wellness

Metal health wellness is vital as it determines how we feel and how other people feel around us. If you’re not mentally healthy, there is a great risk that the way you function in life can be affected. From feeling anxious to, depressed – you’re at greater risk of sleeping too much or sleeping too little. 

Mental health wellness does not only affect the way you view life, but it can affect your physical health as well. That is why it is important that we discuss the importance of promoting mental health wellness. 

Sadly for society, it is inevitable that we have the misconception that getting back on your feet means doing things the way you used to do them. In reality, it takes time and patience to regain a sense of balance and wellness. Healthy wellness depends on us. That is why it is vital that we promote wellness to help people go back to their feet.

Here are 10 things on how you can promote mental health wellness:

  1. Discuss the importance of mental health to your family and peers 

Mental health is a taboo topic that’s been facing a lot of misconceptions. To promote mental health in an understandable way, it is important that you become a positive role model for your friends and family. In 2020, there were an estimated 52.9 million adults aged 18 or older in the United States with Any Mental Illness. This number represented 21.0% of all U.S. adults. 

Sadly, the stats are high. The reason for this may vary but one thing is for sure, a lot of households do not discuss the importance and how heavy mental illness affects people. That is why encouraging households is vital.

2. Help others by volunteering at a mental health-related organization or event 

Volunteering is a great movement to help people in need. However, the benefits do not only affect those people in need but can be even greater for you. Volunteering can help you connect to find friends, learn more about the community, gain new skills and advance your career. 

3. Start a movement on your social media accounts that promote mental health awareness 

Social media are a great platform to start a movement regarding mental health. As you know, the internet is vast and it can connect you with millions of people. Using social media as a platform to promote mental health awareness is something we can do by sharing our own experiences or others’ stories.

4. Share information locally 

You can do this by asking wellness-oriented places like your local gym, health food store, or even schools. Anything that shares digital resources about mental health. You can also try reaching out to professionals to get information that you can share afterward. 

5. Encourage positive talk

Mental health illness results in a lot of self-sabotage. That is why it is vital to encourage kind language because there are a lot of stigmas that surround mental health. And if you’re not careful in using the right words, it can prevent others to seek professional help. Learn the right language by separating your personal experience from others as they can feel irrelevant.

6. Open up about your experience 

This is an important aspect that we should practice. Never be silenced about your past experiences with mental health. It’s not something you should be ashamed to share. With your experience, you can inspire others to seek help and make them feel that they are not irrelevant and alone. Experiences are a great way to promote as it gives others a different point of view. 

7. Use schools as a platform for promoting mental health awareness 

Schools are a great place to start promoting mental health wellness. In the first place, schools should have discussed the importance of mental wellness as a lot of kids suffer from mental illnesses. Teaching children about symptoms and how they can help can be a great movement to prevent the high stats of young adults that experiences mental health illness.

8. Participate in the mental health screening event 

Mental health screening events are popular these days as you can help others by promoting the event. It’s a mental health fair where you can encourage people to take a step regarding their mental health. 

9. Correlate physical and mental health 

It is important that you try to discuss how important physical and mental health is. Help people to understand that without healthy mental wellness, it can have a direct impact on their physical health. A healthy body plays a part in a person’s mental and emotional state. 

10. Educate yourself 

We explained a lot of things but we won’t be able to do these things if we’re not known to mental health. A healthy mindset starts with you – and to promote mental health effectively and positively you must know about these things. 

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