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Mental Health Public School Speaker

One Belief Organization had the opportunity to serve 410 students in the Dallas Fort Worth Area. This particular school assembly took place in the gymnasium.  The students were excited and they rumbled their feet in the stands and clapped their hands.  Our speaker Tashina Calhoun asked the students to raise their hands if they know or knew any kids who talked about harming themselves or who have harmed themselves by way of suicide.  Sad to say over 70% of the students raised their hands.

In the One Belief speaker sessions that we host we talk about what mental health is, we talk about knowing the signs, identifying depression, school, and life balance, knowing when to get help, positive affirmations, self-care and so much more. Students every day are going through life without having these hard conversations that educate them on emotional intelligence. 

 Mental health has been a taboo topic for centuries. However, it’s a serious matter that we should talk about. Mental Health is the ability to function optimally in your relationships, your work, and your life. It’s being able to cope with adversity, stressors, and other challenges you may face.

Mental health also has a huge impact on our physical health. If you have a mental illness or if you’re experiencing symptoms of a mental illness, then it can impact how you sleep, eat, and exercise. This can lead to poor physical health and an increased risk for disease in general. Everyone deserves good mental health! The best way to get help is by talking about what’s going on with you with someone close to you. You can also consider having an expert who understands. It’s important to know what’s going on with your loved one better than anyone else does.

Mental health is an important topic to discuss and explore, but it can also be one of the hardest to talk about. So we’ve put together three tips on how to recognize mental health in yourself or others. These are simple tips that you can use to start a conversation with someone who may be struggling:

1. Be open-minded: When someone tells you that they have a mental health problem, don’t immediately assume that their problem is something small and fixable. Instead, listen carefully to what they’re saying, and ask questions to make sure that you understand their experience completely.

2. Look for patterns: People who are struggling with mental illness are often experiencing symptoms similar to those experienced by other people with the same disorder. For example, if someone has trouble sleeping at night, they could be having trouble concentrating during the day as well—and vice versa! If you notice recurring behaviors in your friend or family member’s behavior, consider calling them in for a checkup at the doctor’s office or reaching out to local resources for more information on dealing with these issues.

3. Be patient: The most important thing when trying to help someone is being patient. People will mental illness can be difficult to pursue. But, what matters the most is choosing to stay for them and make them understand that they need help.

 One Belief Organization schools presentations/school assemblies are about 40 minutes to an hour long during which time Tashina will speak about her childhood and transition to adulthood and the hardships endured, she talks about self-worth and knowing your worth. By the end of the presentation, students will be able to identify and understand what emotional intelligence is and how to navigate hardships emotionally.  We know a school assembly speaker can bring tons of value so here are a few things to know when you are looking for a school speaker. Know the topics they speak on, how can this speaker best add value to your campus?

One Belief Organization offers school assemblies about the following topics:

Topics / Content covered:

  • Mental Health / social-emotional learning

  • Suicide prevention, knowing the signs 

  • Identifying toxic relationships

  • Self-awareness, value, knowing your worth

  • Goal Setting

  • Self Care and positive affirmations. 

Finding The Right Budget For A School Speaker: 

Know the budget allowed for a school speaker. Often one wonders how much a school speaker costs and that can honestly range depending on the length of years and experience.  An experienced School speaker can be anywhere from $2000.00- $8000.00, so be sure to know the budget and at least reach out and see if they can work with your budget. 

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