EvermanISD Challenge

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Everman ISD Strong!

Everman ISD addresses the stigma of Mental Health and encourages emotional intelligence in the workplace! Join us by participating in our district wide workplace initiative as we partner with One Belief Organization!

It’s as easy as 1,2,3 literally.


Set CAMPAIGN dates for your district

We are super excited your district is standing up to addressing the stigma in the workplace! We are currently at step one. We have to set the campaign dates for your district. You have to select which two shirts options the district will choose from. There is an agreement between One Belief and Everman ISD that is signed by both parties that states the terms we are agreeing to for this initiative. You can select for 25% of proceeds to come back to the school in the form stress relief items that each teacher and counselor would have to give to students or with the 25% sponsor select referred EISD students to attend youth personal development week camp. Hosted by our organization at a selected EISD campus.

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Mass message to employees

This is the step where your dates have been set. We will send out e mail agenda so you can drop it to your district employees! Once the campaign is live the employees can purchase their commemorative shirts here. The school with the highest participation wins the party. The district will be provided materials on emotional intelligence and mental health awareness in the workplace.


Work day Fun Day

This is that stage where the campaign is complete and we have our set “fun Day for your district! On our agreed designated date in mental health awareness month the entire district will “Black out to the stigma and address mental health awareness and emotional intelligence. One Belief is able to provide giveaways such as gift cards and fun items to help drive participation! Employees would make social media post hash tagging the district and One Belief and mental health awareness month.

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