My Bio

My bio


It was a new beginning for me. One I set out on privately. ( I didn’t want to be judged.) I quit my job and didn’t say a word to only a handful of people about it. I Didn’t wanna hear people saying are you sure? You’re a single mom of two kids!! Who quits a guaranteed job for hoping a chance or maybe possibly?

I quit my “GUARANTEED” JOB And jumped out on those entrepreneurial streets. It totally was not my plan and it turned out to be an amazing God plan rather. I’m sure he laughs at my plans Because I’ll be having one thing in mind and he’ll be like nope do this. And every time it pulls me totally out of my comfort zone.

I heard God say strongly in my spirit that it was time to leave the profession that I always love doing. Little did I know how much God would not only double, or triple my income but almost quadruple my income. In my first year of entrepreneurship, I did well over six figures for one business and mid-five figures for my other businesses, and it’s only grown from there. If I never took the leap to jump out and have faith and believe in myself and bet on myself. I really could have missed out on the opportunity of the real flex of freedom and time.

God always had his hand on me. But stepping out and believing in myself and just trusting my own process of what I built really put me more in a position to win and really thrive and live life more the way that we desire. I can say that it did take a certain level of Intimacy and being in tune with myself to take these steps. I documented my entire journey of entrepreneurship from the start!

I’m so happy to now share all my learnings of entrepreneurship with you via my courses. I started my first business over 10 years ago and I have been serving the community since then in various capacities. I am now proud and honored to serve you!

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Mindset is everything. Understanding business structure is key. Good financial literacy and good financial structure as well as making sure my credit was right and building business credit was a major plus!! It was very essential for me to move how I moved and move. I don’t have a spouse to back up on for income and I was blessed to be able to pay all the BILLS and support two whole humans as well well three including myself lol

And now that I made it through the difficult part I am sharing that with you now!

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